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Game Over

8-bit Terrorcore!

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This was Mike's LJ from about early 2004 to early 2005 you're reading.

Some of the better moments were transferred to my current journal. I don't believe in editing, though, so do be aware if you browse the raw stuff from this journal. I ended this journal for a good reason, in order to get a lot of things in order - some of which carried over to the other journal, but it's still largely symbolic. Take what you will.

amon amarth, anacrusis, angel witch, asteroids, back to the future, bad dudes, bal-sagoth, battletoads, betamax, bill & ted, blade runner, blitzkrieg, bolt thrower, boots, brute!, bubble bobble, bukowski, burzum, cacophony, carcass, castlevania, clash at demonhead, coffee, contra, cool spot, creative writing, crustaceans, das boot, das ich, death, death angel, death in june, der blutharsch, destruction, die krupps, dio, drawing, einsturzende neubauten, emperor, emulators, enslaved, evil dead, falkenbach, final fight, finntroll, floppy disks, foreign films, foreign things, front line assembly, gorerotted, guilty gear, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, haruki murakami, heavy metal, in battle, ipod, iria, iron maiden, jin-roh wolf brigade, judas priest, kat, kmfdm, korpiklaani, leather nun, literature, lobsters, macs, mad max, marathon, mario bros., marty friedman, mechwarrior, megadeth, mekong delta, metalucifer, minge, missle command, mithotyn, mocha, mork gryning, morrowind, motorhead, myth, nadsat, nerds, nerdy ladies, nerdyness, nes, nikita kruschev, nile, norse mythology, number muncher, old macs, oregon trail, overkill, pac-man, parallax scrolling, pirate lifestyle, pirates, possessed, post-nuclear armageddon, power metal, prince of persia, quim, rapid fire, reading, redheads, retro gaming, richard wagner, ringnevond, road rash, running wild, sabbat, saxon, scandinavian literature, scotland, seven witches, shmups, shufflepuck cafe, shy girls, skinny puppy, snatcher, snes, sodom, sonata arctica, soviet-era pirate captains, spectre, spinal tap, streets of rage, teenage mutant ninja turtles, text-based adventure games, the great kat, the strand, therion, thrash metal, unter null, vectorman, vikings, vintage gaming consoles, vintersorg, vinyl records, w.a.s.p., wailing guitar solos, warhammer 40k, welle:erdball, william gibson, writing, wyld stallyns, yngwie malmsteen